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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe?
To subscribe you need to register on our site and pay for one month or one year access to our games without any ads.
How do I unsubscribe?
You don't need to unsubscribe. Your subscription stops automatically when your selected period ends. We do not charge you or collect recurring fees.
If you want to completely delete your account with us: Click Edit profile » Delete my account.
How do I log in?
You can log in to our site by submitting your email adress, once entered we will send you a login link to this email address. Click on the link in that email message to log in. We keep you logged in with a cookie that will be renewed automatically; next time you visit the site we are able to log you in again.
What data do you store at the site?
We only store your email addres, your name (or nickname) and your IP address on the server. You can log in with your email adress: we do not store passwords. Your payment data is also not stored on our site. It's only used for the payment by our payment service provider. We log your IP adress for security reasons and to monitor your access to our site. We store some cookies, for example to log you in and to keep your progress and score in the games.
I have no longer access to my email, how do I recover my account?
When you pay for a subscription we will send you a confirmation email with an order ID. Keep it somewhere, it's the only way to gain access to your account again and to change your email address. Use the contact form to contact us with your order ID in this case so we can manually change your email adress.
What does AdFreeGames offer?
We offer a large selection of around 900+ online games that you can play without any ads for a very small subscription fee. Your subscription is never renewed automatically and stops immediately after your selected subscription period. AdFreeGames is completely free of ads and also does not track you in any way.
On what devices can I access AdFreeGames?
You can play all our games on all modern browsers and devices, on your PC, tablet or phone. To be sure if that is the case for you we offer a small amount of games for free even without a subscription. If you can play those games on your device you can access all our games on your device.
Is AdFreeGames safe?
Yes, all our games do not have ads and are virus free and we do not track you. There are also no in game purchases needed in any of our games.
Why do I need to pay for AdFreeGames?
We need to either build or license games. On our other sites we use advertising to cover our expenses, on AdFreeGames we use your subscription fee to pay for our costs.
I have a problem with one or more games, what can I do?
Try deleting your brower's cache/history and then try again. If this does not solve your issue, please contact us and describe your issue in detail.